When To Start Drinking Mother’s Milk Tea

If you are pregnant and want to breastfeed after giving birth, you probably have asked yourself when is the right time to drink breastfeeding supplements such as mother’s milk tea to increase milk supply.

Is it better to drink it when you are still carrying your little one so your milk supply will be sufficient enough for your baby? Or should you at least drink it right after giving birth to see if you even need to drink it in the first place? 

Since most of the mother’s tea is made of different kinds of herbs, it is still best to take these supplements once given birth.

These teas have caffeine on them, which may affect your pregnancy, especially if you drink more than a cup a day.

Some mothers tend to wait until they have given birth to make sure they are needed to increase their milk supply.

Others find that they have enough milk anyway. It is also normal for new mothers to have low milk supply right after giving birth because newborn babies do not consume too much. They only need the mother’s colostrum to fill them up since they have such a small stomach. 

Upon deciding when to take these mother’s tea, let us dive into its ingredients to see whether it is really safe for you and your babies. It is recommended that you talk to your doctor if you are planning to take these herbs to avoid negative side-effects on you and your baby while you are on your breastfeeding journey.

What Is Mother’s Milk Tea And Is It Safe For Mothers And Babies

Mother’s milk tea is an herbal tea that helps in increasing the milk supply of a lactating mother. These are commonly known as galactagogues or supplements that boost a mother’s body’s ability to produce milk.

Its main ingredient is an herb called fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum), which contains dopamine-receptor antagonism that aids in milk production in breastfeeding mothers.

Other herbs aside from fenugreek that is included in mother’s milk tea are:

  • -Moringa (Malunggay) – this herb increases the prolactin hormone that causes breasts to develop and produce breastmilk
  • -Fennel – boost milk production by stimulating mammary growth
  • -Goat’s Rue – stimulates mammary growth through metformin called galegin
  • Blessed thistle (Cnicus benedictus) – manages blood flow in mammary glands to increase milk production
  • Torbangun Leaves- stimulate mammary cells
  • Barley – stimulates prolactin hormone

Basically, the mother’s tea is brewed like normal tea. You make it and blend it whichever way you prefer.  Others drink these teas hot; some prefer it to be cold. You can also sweeten it if you want.

However, some mother’s tea tends to have some instruction that mothers must specifically follow to be effective. Rule of the thumb is to always check with your doctor any supplement you may be taking and the dosage you are getting just to ensure safety.

Although mother’s milk tea may aid in breastmilk supply, one disadvantage in drinking it is you are consuming caffeine, which, if taken too much, might have some effects like high blood pressure, palpitations, or an increase in heart rate, digestive issues, fatigue, and even anxiety.

These effects may not be helpful to a mother who has just given birth. It is also hard to calculate whether you already have a caffeine overdose or just drinking the right amount of caffeine.

How Should I Drink Mothers Milk Tea

Mother’s milk tea is often available at drugstores and grocery stores. It is best to drink at least two cups a day to see the results that you want. Just make sure not to take more than 5 cups a day because you might have a caffeine overdose.

Mother’s milk tea usually takes up at least 1-3 days to get its full benefits and to see whether such tea has increased your milk supply.

You may stop once you have seen your milk supply has already increased and already stable because these mother’s milk teas are meant for you to increase your supply and not really to maintain it.

The best way to maintain your milk supply is by feeding your child because frequent breastfeeding signals your body that it needs more milk; thus, your body continuously releases milk. 

Side-Effects Of Mothers Milk Tea

1. Diarrhea – This is the most common side effect of Mother’s milk tea as some mothers who take it are sensitive to the herbs used in the tea.

2. Allergy – Due to different ingredients used in the tea, it is hard to point which herb some mothers are allergic into.

3. Upset Stomach – Since mother’s milk tea is high in caffeine, some mothers experience stomachache.

4. Palpitations – Heart rate may also increase because of the caffeine in the mother’s milk tea.

Mother’s Milk Tea Recipe

Making mother’s milk tea is just like brewing an ordinary tea. Although it is crucial that you pick the right ingredients and right dosage to get full benefits of the tea and be sure that both mother and the baby are safe to consume it.

  1. First, you need to boil 5 cups of water.
  2. Put one tea bag on the hot water.
  3. Let the tea steep for three to five minutes.
  4. Remove the tea bag and squeeze excess water from the teabag.
  5. You may drink it right away, or you may add a little bit of honey to sweeten.
  6. You may also use sugar instead of honey.
  7. You may drink the tea while it is still hot or put some ice to make it cold.
  8. You may also put it in the fridge if you like your tea as a cold drink.
  9. Other ingredients that you can add to make mother’s milk tea taste better to include lemon juice, apple juice, or lemon-lime.

There are few brands of mother’s milk tea in the market, so it is best to read the label first before consuming it.

Each brand has a distinct taste, so that you may try one for each brand first, so you will know which blend you like most.

Be very cautious when you are mixing your own herbs because some herbs are not safe when taken outside the proper dosage. Always talk to a medical professional when making these drinks on your own.

Other Ways To Boost Milk Supply Other Than Mother’s Milk Tea

The best way to increase milk supply is by continuously breastfeeding your child. When you breastfeed your child, your body will signal your hormones and glands to excrete more milk, thus, producing more milk.

It is the most natural way and most effective way to maintain the demand and supply of milk. This is the reason why most professionals recommend exclusive breastfeeding because this is the best way to increase a mother’s milk supply.

Increase your skin-to-skin time with your child because this also gives a signal to the mother’s body that she needs to supply milk to a child.

This natural occurrence also strengthens the bond of the mother and the child, creating a natural rhythm between them, and making breastfeeding easier and healthier for both of them.

Drink lots of water. This is quite obvious; you give out too much water, you need to take in more water.

Breastfeeding mothers have to double up the amount of water they are taking to stay hydrated and maintain their milk supply. It is best to always have a bottle of water beside you so you will not forget to drink water. 

Postpartum massages are also good to help your body produce more milk as it aids in healing your body from trauma caused by pregnancy and birth.

Just make sure you are going to professionals and experienced masseur, especially those who know how to handle the delicate body of a woman who just gave birth. It is also advisable to talk to your doctor if you are planning to get a massage after giving birth.

Lactation Cookies. Aside from Mother’s milk tea or lactation drinks, there are also lactation cookies that you can snack on to improve your milk supply.

Eat food high in fiber such as rice, oatmeal, pasta, and wheat because these foods also help in aiding your body to produce more milk.

In conclusion, mothers milk tea can be used after giving birth to receive its full benefits. With the right dosage, it is a great way to boost your milk supply and give your child all the benefits of breastfeeding.

Just take into account, though not to overdose, because it may have adverse effects, so keep your milk tea up to 2 cups a day.

Follow the instructions of the milk tea you are using and always check labels to check if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

If you feel mother’s milk tea is not for you, there are other ways to increase your milk supply.


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