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Product Features

Play Yard

Play yards provide an important benefit to parents of young children: they provide peace of mind. While there are multiple uses for play yards and varieties of play yard products ranging from simple to sophisticated, all play yards are essentially a safe, controlled space. From the living room to the back yard, from grandma's to the ball park, portable play yards provide a controlled space for young children and in so doing, they provide peace of mind for parents on the go.

Today's play yards have come a long way from the heavy, slatted, wooden "play pens" of old. Parents now have the choice of lighter weight, full-sized play yards or slimmed-down, ultra-portable convenience travel yards.

Full-size play yards have retained the traditional square play-space associated with play pens although the play pen's heavy wooden railings and slats have been replaced by lightweight tubular steel and see-through mesh. Most full-size play yards are 36" square, although smaller "through-the-door" models are also available. All full-size play yards have vinyl-padded top rails removable bottom pads. Some models offer padded legs and there are even full-size play yards that feature reversible bottom pads with educational patterns and removable play panels. The major advantage of full-size play yards is their affordability. For the ultimate in play yard convenience, features and portability however, parents should consider the travel yard.

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