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Pacifiers comfort and soothe a baby, and provide exercise to strengthen the muscles in a baby's mouth for good oral development.

More than 46% of mothers receive pacifiers in the hospital upon their child's birth. Most babies will use pacifiers up to the ages of seven to 12 months.

Types of Pacifiers
There are several types of pacifiers available including the traditional tip and the smaller orthodontic tip. Tips are made from either latex rubber or soft, clear silicone. Orthodontic tips are designed to be shaped more like a mother's nipple during breastfeeding. Shields are usually made from rubber or plastic, with or without handles.

Pacifiers for newborns have smaller tips and are naturally shaped to fit in the baby's mouth. In most cases, the slightly larger nipple found on standard size pacifiers will better suit the older infant.

All pacifiers must pass strict guidelines established by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Pacifiers will wear out over time because of baby's saliva, heat, and/or sunlight. It is important for parents to inspect pacifiers before each use for signs of swelling, cracking or peeling, particularly when the child develops teeth. Any pacifier displaying these signs should be immediately replaced to prevent possible choking hazards.

Pacifier Safety Tips
As pacifiers wear out, to prevent a possible choking hazard, inspect your baby's pacifier before each use by pulling on the bulb portion of the nipple. Any tear to the nipple can lead to a piece of the latex or silicone breaking off, presenting a possible choking hazard. When babies develops teeth, it is especially important to test pacifiers. Discontinue use if any tear or crack appears.

To ensure the safety of the baby, do not tie a pacifier around a child's neck, as it presents danger of strangulation.

Clip-on pacifier holders are available for securing the pacifier to the baby's clothing.

Also, a bottle nipple should never be substituted for a pacifier.

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