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Nursery Lamp

It may be a big surprise for retailers to find out that parents report that they spend a lot of time searching for `good' baby lamps. How can this be when there really are so many cute choices available? We need to know what features consumers are looking for when they make a lighting decision. Wise retailers are always there to assist by anticipating what those needs are and by providing the products which fit the bill.

Lamps should definitely have the following features: higher wattage (40 or 60 watts is too low); style which won't be outgrown too quickly; value-added features such as a built-in night lights or a 3-way switches; good selection of designs; proper price point (not too cheap or too expensive); and, as in all electrical products, U.L. listing. The sales staff should be knowledgeable about various features and be able to suggest lighting products as an important part of the complete nursery.

Proper lighting is an often ignored, but important, safety issue and as such, should be thoughtfully purchased for the nursery and child's room.

Parents are especially delighted with value added features, such as a 3-way switch so lighting can be adjusted as needed. Who wants to turn on the bright overhead light (and risk waking up baby) just to slip into the nursery to put down a pile of laundry. Some lamps feature a built-in night light for when just a glow of light is necessary. Young children, especially, need a night light in their room because many toddlers develop a fear of the dark or get out of bed at night and wander . A built-in night light will ensure that young children do not bump into furniture in the dark.

As with all baby products, safety is important. Lamps should be kept in a spot where they won't be knocked over, and the cords should be placed behind furniture where they won't be tugged. Lamps which look like toys are categorized as "attractive nuisances" and should be held to higher standards of safety to prevent tipping over. Consumers insist that lamps must be U.L. listed to provide assurance that safety requirements are met during production.

Some gift-givers are hesitant to buy lighting without advice. Friends and family feel that the nursery probably has a color scheme or theme which must be respected, so they regard a lamp, unlike a clothing item or a toy, to require them to `know' how the recipient is decorating the room. For this reason it is important to have lamps selected for the gift registry or purchase lamps for ourself, since they are less likely to be given as gifts.


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