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Product Features

Diaper Pail

Diaper pails have made quite a transition from the days when the rather evil-smelling plastic pail sat in a distant corner of the nursery or bathroom. While early models were effective as a gathering place for soiled diapers, an ancillary item found next to virtually every pail was the can of air freshener or room deodorizer.

How times have changed! Today, especially with the advent of the disposable diaper, diaper pails have made the transition into a "must-have" baby product with high-tech features and state-of-the-art odor elimination. And, as always, parents rest easier knowing they are using a safe, sanitary and "no-muss, no fuss" product.

Types of Containers
The key words for today's diaper pails are "odor-free", and "hands-free" or "portability." Various products available on the market today (several combining the above features) have made the tasks of handling baby's soiled diapers a quick, efficient task.

With today's "on-the-go" parents and two-career households, many consumers are also looking for products that save them precious time and energy. Diaper pails that offer quick easy disposal, feature "hands-free" operation, or better yet, are small, portable and can be taken anywhere, are popular and extremely attractive to harried moms and dads.

And, considering the basic function and duty of a diaper pail, new parents are always pleased to discover a product that makes a disagreeable task much more convenient, easy and sanitary.

"Odor-free" Features
This is easily one of the most attractive features of a diaper pail, for obvious reasons! There are several ways a good diaper pail eliminates odor. Several utilize deodorizer "filters" or "disks" that effectively trap or disperse odors. One diaper pail manufacturer offers two models with replacement filters that "trap" odors. One model contains two charcoal filters within its double lids that keep diaper odor at bay; the other has a deodorizer compartment built into its inner lid that functions in the same manner.

Another manufacturer offers a diaper pail line that also uses nontoxic replaceable deodorizer "disks" that neutralize diaper odors, provide a fresh, "baby powder" fragrance ,and can be used in diaper pails other than those in the company's line.

Still another diaper pail manufacturer offers an odor-free diaper system that uses a simple process that traps diaper odors inside the pail. The slide of the handle opens and closes an innovative odor barrier, which keeps odors trapped in the pail at all times. This system uses standard kitchen garbage bags, which can be sealed and removed from the pail, without exposure to the odor.

And, lastly, the Diaper Genie combines the two processes. Soiled disposable diapers are placed in the Diaper Genie container; with a twist of the cap, each diaper is effectively sealed in a scented plastic film that eliminates potential odors. As soiled diapers (up to 20) are added to the container, they become a scented, plastic wrapped "chain" that is neatly and easily "packaged" for disposal.

Portability and Convenience
Other key features are portability and convenience. Many units feature a convenient foot-pedal operation for "hands-free" use while others include a locking lid or cover that keeps inquisitive little hands away.

There is also a current diaper pail model that attaches to a wall or changing table, allowing mom or dad to keep one hand securely on baby while disposing of the dirty diaper.

The Diaper Genie has both a wider opening and a "one-handed" operation. It is a "take-anywhere" unit that is easily transported. It too, has a safety-latch lid for optimum peace of mind.

Product Knowledge
The selection of a diaper pail or container is one that should not be made in haste. New parents or (parents-to-be) would be wise to consider a model that best suits their particular diaper-changing habits, as well as their own life-style.

Here are a few questions that will help you decide what feature are important to you:

Do both parents work and find themselves constantly "on-the-go"? Or, is mom or dad spending a lot of time at home with the baby, thus being someone who would benefit from "hands-free" convenience during diaper changing? In two-career households, where mom and dad share the diaper-changing duties, would a portable model be more practical? Does the family travel frequently, again making a portable model more ideal for their situation?

These are important aspects to consider when selecting a diaper pail. In-store staff or sales associates also can provide valuable information and recommendations.

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