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Changing Table

The new parent can expect to change baby's diapers an average of 30-50 times a week and use an average of 30-50 baby wipes in that same week. Contrary to the opinion that the floor, bed, or crib is an adequate place to change baby, the majority of expectant and new parents do purchase or receive a changing table as a gift, offering a safe, secure and convenient place to change baby and the always welcome bonus of additional storage space.

Whether received as a gift or purchased, the prime concerns of new parents are safety, style, brand and price.

There are actually four categories comprising the term "changing table". These are: dressing chest, dressing table, dressing station and "dressing kit". All should come equipped with a comfortable, non-allergenic and nonflammable dressing pad to include an adjustable security strap with the pad removable for alternative use of unit in later years.

Dressing chests include enclosed drawers. Quality points to look for are: sturdiness, stability, extra large easy-glide drawers with a drawer-stop feature. Look for a generous dressing area (translates to wide flip-out area), giving ample room to change baby, but a well designed dressing chest that will not allow the chest to "tip over" when the flip top is out for baby to be changed. The "flip-top dressing area" should be designed so that it can be folded back when not in use. This will create a storage area for later years.

Dressing tables feature a dressing area to use as changing surface and should include two easily accessible shelves for handy storage. Look for sturdiness and a full enclosed top (gallery rail all around dressing area). Some dressing tables include a removable utility tray. This unit provides easy access storage space and is available at a generally lower price than the dressing chest.

Dressing stations are really substantial pieces of furniture that can be used for many years after the baby has grown out of diapers. A station features a large, solid wood changing area with three storage drawers below for added value. For safety and comfort, a two- or three-sided contour pad is available for use on this unit. It attaches easily to the back of the chest with included hardware. In addition to the storage area below the changing surface, there is an additional "tower" unit area of the dressing station. Most dressing stations feature a small drawer at the top of the "tower" unit which can be used for storing smaller baby changing items. Below this small drawer is a door unit which has a hanging bar for baby's little clothes and an adjustable shelf for extra storage. After baby has grown, this item is an attractive piece of furniture which provides a lot of storage and character.

Dressing kits come equipped with attachment plates to convert three drawer chests, single dressers and double dressers to "dressing chests". When the days of changing baby are over, the dressing kit can be removed or left as an added decorative feature (with the pad and strap removed). Look for a variety of styles and finishes. These are available at a lower price than dressing tables or chests.

Styles of dressing chests, tables or kits should run the gamut of furniture styles, including contemporary, transitional and traditional, and mission. Slightly more than half (59%) of expectant parents create a nursery decor similar in style to the rest of their homes.

A dressing chest, table, station or kit should provide a safe, sturdy place to change and dress baby. Security straps are provided, so be sure that the buckle is properly adjusted and securely fastened when placed around baby. It is also very important that baby should never be left in the dressing area unattended, even for the briefest moment. When the dressing chest flip-out area is open, all drawers should be fully closed.

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