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Infant Back Pack Carrier

Packing Loads of Benefits for Babies and Parents...
He’s up high and can see faces, experience his surroundings, and still feel safe and secure. Mom and Dad can easily navigate, hold baby close, and still have both hands free and available. What’s going on? Baby is riding in a backpack carrier!

Backpack carriers provide a new perspective of the world and events for babies. When riding in a backpack, baby sees and experiences the world at eye level…not knee level. The stimulation of backpack mobility helps baby develop her newfound independence while still being able to look to Mom and Dad for reassurance. And riding at eye level provides continuous parent-child interaction, which is so important to baby’s healthy development.

Backpacks are a great way to get around for Mom and Dad too. They allow Mom and Dad to keep baby close and still have convenient hands-free mobility. Transporting baby in a backpack also makes life easier when visiting places that are not easily accessible by stroller. Moms and Dads everywhere are finding backpacks to be their carrier of choice for more than just hikes in the woods or walks on the beach. Backpacks can make city sidewalks, shopping malls, and sporting events much easier to manage. As an added bonus, parents often feel safer and more in control with a backpack than with a stroller.

When Is Baby Ready For A Backpack?
Baby is ready for a backpack when he can easily sit upright by himself, usually around 6 months of age. At that time, baby is physically ready and also desires more stimulation. Backpacks generally support up to 40 pounds, but many adults are ready to discontinue backpack use prior to that weight. Most parents cut back on use when their child is around 3 years of age.

What To Look For In A Backpack
A well-designed and well-built backpack can make a big difference in how parents experience traveling with their baby. Comfort and safety are key.

When shopping for a backpack, be sure both parents try it on for a proper, comfortable fit. The backpack absolutely must have a hip strap. The hip strap transfers most of the weight from the adult’s back to the legs, making a big difference in comfort for both short term and long term transport. The part of the frame that touches the adult’s shoulders should be thickly padded and the shoulder pads should be well padded and wide.

A child shoulder harness system is an essential safety feature. It controls the child’s forceful movements and keeps the child from climbing out. Backpacks with sturdy, freestanding frames support the child’s weight, are easier to pull on and off, and when Mom or Dad takes a break the frame forms a seat for the child.

Optional add-ons

  • Sun canopies and rain shields offer protection from the weather.
  • A removable outer cover can be added on for colder weather and taken off when it’s warm.
  • An attachable diaper bag is always a convenient feature and big pockets are a plus.

Safety Measures
Parents should be as concerned about safety with backpacks as they are with all other products for baby. However, a well-designed, well-built backpack with a sturdy frame, heavy-duty padding, child restraint system and adult hip strap is a good safety bet for both baby and parents.

To ensure their baby’s safety when using a backpack, make parents aware of these guidelines:
• Always secure the child with the shoulder harness restraint.
• Do not allow the child to climb on the carrier.
• Use the carrier only while walking or standing.
• Do not leave the child in the carrier when the carrier is on the ground.
• Supervise the child at all times.

Backpack mobility carries loads of benefits for babies and parents. That’s why more and more on-the-go families are choosing the convenience and safety of backpacks to transport their little ones.

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