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To parents who are bringing home from the hospital that new bundle of joy, few products are more useful than the baby bassinet. As parents seek to integrate this new child into the everyday and every night routine of the family, observation of the child is of paramount importance. Convenience becomes the order of the day. The bassinet fills this need with its mobility and by keeping the child at eye level and within arms length, be it in the bedroom, kitchen, family room, upstairs or downstairs. Since babies seem to sleep more soundly in a small space for those first few weeks, the bassinet is an ideal choice. Relatively inexpensive, the bassinet can be used with each new child and often becomes an heirloom that is passed down to subsequent generations. Of course, proud parents wish to display the baby and since there are many eyelet, lace and satin gowns available for the bassinet, it becomes the perfect showcase when friends come to visit. American manufacturers supply two basic sizes: standard and jumbo. They will accommodate the baby for approximately three months; the child is then ready for a crib.

Tips When Purchasing
There are no federal standards for the bassinet; therefore, when shopping for one it is necessary to use good common sense and one's own judgement in making the choice. Many models are available from both domestic and foreign manufacturers, but the basic elements to consider are the same regardless of country of origin and obviously they center around safety. Following are the major questions to answer when shopping for a bassinet:

  • Are the legs or base securely attached to the upper body, and does the unit have stability?
  • Are the legs or base supported by metal braces that are securely riveted in place?
  • Do all folding braces have a safety mechanism that keeps the unit from accidentally folding?
  • Is the unit free from sharp protrusions or edges that could harm the baby or another child?
  • Does the mattress pad fit the bassinet properly so that there are no large voids around the edge?
  • Is the manufacturer or supplier known in this country, and does it stand behind the product?

Certainly there are other considerations including color and style, one's own taste, and cost. The most popular price range is $39.95 to $79.95. Also, decorative dressing can add as much to the cost as the bassinet itself.

Setup and Safety
Once the purchase is made and the bassinet is brought home, it is first important to save the carton for future storage. Next, an inspection should be made to the base of the unit for any damage that may have occurred during shipment, and the casters should be checked to see if they pivot and roll freely. Bassinets are on casters so that they can be conveniently moved from room to room. Furthermore, most have legs or stands that can be folded for transportation upstairs or to grandmother's house. Caution: Babies should never be left in the bassinet during transportation by car or even from room to room. When setting the bassinet up, extend the legs or stand into the full open position, and slide the safety lock on each brace into place. The hood should always be used to shield the child from harsh light or drafts, and it adds to the cuddly atmosphere of the product. Bassinets should not be used as a changing station, but should be kept as a clean, dry place to sleep. Before use, the mattress pad should be covered with a sheet. Nothing else should be allowed in with the baby such as extra blankets, pillows, or toys which may contribute to suffocation. Parental responsibility and supervision of other children who may want to climb or look into the bassinet is very important. It is worth repeating that the baby must always be removed when the bassinet is rolled or transported from one location to another.

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