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First Baby Mall is an online mall designed to provide the convenience of one-stop shopping and relevant information to expectant mothers. The Product Features section outlines the different aspects of items moms-to-be will be purchasing. Articles written by health care and industry professionals appear in the Expectant Mom's Resource Center. In the Manufacturers' Websites section, an alphabetical listing of manufacturer and supplier names will appear with their website addresses. Links from this section will be available only to those who choose to purchase them. Participation in the Shopping Mall section is outlined below.


For Manufacturers ONLY —

Manufacturers / Suppliers Website Listing and Links
Although there is no cost for a basic listing for a manufacturer's information-based website, we do charge for linking website — $900 per year or $1500 for a two year term. LINKED listings will appear alphabetically at the top of this section. Up to three primary products can be listed with the link. Manufacturers/ suppliers who purchase a link will have the option to place one picture in any Product Features article of their choice. The picture will be linked to their website as well.

To submit your website for listing on Manufacturers' Websites, please click here.

For Businesses with Affiliate Programs—

Registering Your Affiliate Program with First Baby Mall
Merchants, retailers or other e-commerce companies can become an affiliate vendor on the Shopping Mall. This option is available to companies that already have OR are willing to establish a third-party affiliate program that reimburses us on a "pay per sale" basis. Initially, there will not be a flat charge for participating as an affiliate vendor on the Shopping Mall. Please feel free to request a list of companies that can help you develop an affiliate program management capability.

To review your options about establishing a third-party affiliate program, click here.

To register your affiliate program with our Shopping Mall, click here.

For Businesses without Affiliate Programs —

Buying a Banner / Webpage on First Baby Mall
Vendors who do not have an affiliate program that is administered by a third-party can choose to purchase a banner/webpage. The cost of your involvement is $600 per year or $1100 for a two year term.

You will receive placement of ONE static banner on the Shopping Mall page that applies to your business (for example: Nursery Furniture & Decor, Health & Safety, etc.). This banner will link to an individual webpage on our website for your company which may include photos of your product with a 150-word product description along with the pricing and ordering information. Shopping carts are not available. We will not process orders for your product; visitors will need to buy from you directly. E-mail address and website links will be included in the vendor information.

To inquiry about buying a banner & webpage, click here. c/o Spindle Publishing Company, Inc.
2275 Swallow Hill Road, Building 800, Pittsburgh, PA 15220
Phone: 412-278-4900 — Fax: 412-278-4906 — E-mail:

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